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Need help with a patient?

Amanda offers consult hours to help providers in solo or private practice provide the best possible outcomes for their patients wherever there is need.

Ways to Connect.

Community Consult

Expand your professional network by joining our online members only community where like-minded professionals can connect and share resources.

Group Consult

Join one of Amanda's scheduled virtual group sessions where you can not only seek advice from her, but also connect with other providers in her professional network.

One-on-One Consult

Book a private video conference with Amanda to assess a specific patient with an acute need.

Group Consult

Please join our free, monthly online group consult.


The next event will be held on [Day, Month, Day, Year]

Click the link below to preregister. To ensure everyone's safety online, preregistration is required, although the event is free. You will be sent the necessary login credentials prior to the  the start of meeting.

Community Consult

Consider joining our members only Discord group.


Members are all prior attendees of Amanda's trainings and this community is a wealth of knowledge!

One-on-One Consult

Space is extremely limited.

Join the Club

Join our email list to get the latest information on events and upcoming classes.

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